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The Country – Why you deserve to holiday in Bhutan

Bhutan could be called the Ultimate Destination for a Tourist because, whatever you seek, it is here and Bhutan Travel Designers strives to ensure that you find what you seek.  Perhaps you are seeking a fun time to meeting people and learning their culture, or being in nature and knowing her, feeling her and being able to say that big “YES” to the next level of spirituality uplifted. Bhutan is indeed a place where you will find whatever you are looking for;

Chorten, a stupa

Chorten, a stupa

Bhutan is endowed with breathtaking natural beauty, surrounded by sacred mountains, virgin peaks and holy lakes. Its beautiful valleys and lush forests are teeming with flora and wildlife undisturbed in its natural environment. Bhutan is perhaps the last Eden, not just in part, but in its entirety. It has an area of 38,394 Square kilometer covered with not less than 72% of dense forest and jungles. In less than 150 miles, Bhutan rises 25,000 feet from the subtropical jungles of the south to arctic cold of the high Himalayas. Bhutan is truly a biodiversity hotspot with a great variety and diversity of flora and fauna.  For a tourist it is indeed a life time opportunity to trek, tour and travel in the vast span of this natural environment. This is nature that can be seen, touched and felt at heart.