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Of all the things that Bhutan is known for, it is perhaps the rich religious and cultural tradition combined with the pristine environment of the country that puts it on the tourist map as one of the most exotic and must-visit destinations in the world today.

Bhutan’s unique cultural heritage has remained intact and untarnished. Centuries-old traditions are in practice to this day and continue to have tremendous value and significance in the daily life of the people. Cultural traditions practiced before the advent of Mahayana Buddhism is still practiced and in some cases combined with Buddhism playing a dominant role in enriching and strengthening the socio-cultural fabric of the country. Mahayana Buddhism is the state religion and is most popular.

Hundreds of Lhakhangs, or temples, dot the countryside with a huge reservoir of religious and cultural history enclosed within their colorful and mystical interiors. In fact every village in Bhutan has a temple and each temple has a mesmerizing story to tell.

Our various Cultural Tours introduce visitors to the unique aspects of Bhutanese culture including visits to sacred festivals and pilgrimage sites.  whatever tour you choose, there are fascinating excursions to villages, temples or scenic spots with a close look at the culture and a land which remains the most unspoiled and most beautiful example of the Himalayan way of life in existence today.

You may select your tour itineraries from our trip list we will work with you to design a trip that is customized to your preference and taste. we will pursue our goal of making it memorable for you and motivating for us to serve you better next time.

Tour Itineraries

Bhutan Tour with Sikkim and Darjeeling

In this tour our guests will be able to appreciate the way of life of at least 3 groups of people, the Bhutanese, the Nepalese in Darjeeling and the Bhutias of Sikkim. Within this trip our guests will also be able to understand how these different groups of peoples’ lives are interwoven with their culture […]

Taste of Bhutan – I

This is a short tour program designed for a week in Bhutan. It is designed for those of our guests who would like to visit Bhutan, feel her and know her beauty in a brief visit. So, if you do not have much time, go for the “Taste of Bhutan”. It’s an ideal and quick […]

Taste of Bhutan – II

Taste of Bhutan – II Mountain Journeys This tour package provides our guests with the unique privilege of traveling almost the entire populated latitude of Bhutan, from under 300 m to over 3000m within a travelling distance of about 120 miles. Within this latitude range you will notice the sub-tropical to alpine vegetations – the […]