Bhutan Trekking

Bhutan is “The Destination for any Trekker” (period). No justification required!  In Bhutan, Bhutan Travel Designers are the group who can design and provide you with the best trekking experience possible. WHY – because it is our passion and pride – ensuring our trekkers the experience of trekking and communicating with the virgin wilderness on her own terms and in the setting she provides – We know these spots the best! We will showcase the stunning beauty of rhododendrons in full bloom; the mesmerizing view of lakes and mountains; and the awesome feel of the woods, birds, bees, butterflies and more. They are all indescribable in words! Just sign up with us and you know you are in for a good deal and much more.

Yaks in Bhutan

Yaks in Bhutan

Trekking group

Trekking group

Bhutan Travel Designers, consider these trekking programs the “Jewel in the Crown” for our guests. We love nature in its wildest and most untouched from. We take great pride to introduce to you our love in her perfect natural from and let you appreciate and communicate with her in your own ways – it is a personal bond, we believe. The peace, harmony and tranquility that she communicates is beyond imagination – you must indulge in such communication with her through us. We know where and how she best communicates to you, so give us the opportunity to provide you with our best choices and spots – all you need to do is “INDULGE”.

During the trekking programs, trekkers not only have the opportunity to see the beautiful kingdom of Bhutan at its most magnificent, but also feel its pulse and sensitivity to communicate. The only requirement is to remain open to all options – free yourself of all expectations and anxieties; that’s all we ask for a memorable trek with all pleasant surprises.

From the towering snow peaks of the Inner Himalaya to the verdant forests which cloak the hills above its peaceful valleys, the trails lead into a wilderness still pristine and famous for its ecological richness and diversity. We offer challenging treks like Snowmen, Laya, Wild East Rhodung La, Chomolhari and Durk Path and shorter, more moderate, ones at lower altitudes.

Trekking in Bhutan is unlike anywhere else in the Himalayas. The walks are long and arduous but they are complemented and more than made up by the elegance, purity and the awesome beauty of the virgin wilderness that you will behold and experience. It is a feeling of immortality that you will experience personally – it is a total experience indeed!

Our trekkers will experience and enjoy the native form of transport through mules and yaks – in total harmony with the wilderness. As experienced guides, we are well equipped to deal with any circumstance. The guides are trained to deal with our guests from different socio-cultural backgrounds. All in all, they are groomed to provide you with a memorable trip experience – “a take home experience” we say

With Bhutan Travel Designers, you should have no cause to worry about food, and sleep because these are the basic elements that we ensure for you. You will be able to look forward to a great and enjoyable trek! If you are in a group, we make sure that you have great fun as a team. Some of our guests, especially those who have not properly acclimatized, face a bit of challenge with the altitudes, as our trekking routes are usually beyond 3000 m (over 9000ft). Necessary precautions are taken well in advance, but we are also all prepared to deal with altitude problem on the spot. Team spirit is the stuff we look forward to with our guests – we make the sum of all the parts greater than the whole together with you!

We take great pride in introducing our routes to as many groups, or individuals as we can and learn from each team or individuals, both at the personal level as well as a company. Each trip is a source of inspiration and motivation for us to look forward to the next trip as we come across different individuals from different nationalities with great experiences to share. With sincere gratitude to our guests we are always growing as an individual and as a company – we shall always yearn to grow and be at your service with pride the next time !

Tour Itineraries

Bhutan Walking Tour

This program Bhutan Walking Tour is tailored for our clients who are adventurous and like trekking in Himalayas but do not like the idea of having to camp overnight with various day hikes.

Druk Path Trek

Druk Path Trek On this trip, our guests will be presented the natural beauty of nature in its purest form, from the blooming rhododendrons to the stunning view of the lakes and the Himalayan Mountains to the most memorable camp nights. This trip is also designed to allow our guests to get a glimpse into […]

Jhomolhari Trek

Jhomolhari Trek This trip allows the travelers to enjoy the taste of the great variety of Bhutanese landscape, and the views from some of the major passes that we come across are breath taking, be it of mountains or the valleys underneath. It gives you a chance to meet people, enjoy the pristine forest with […]

Laya Trek

Laya Trek This seventeen day trek, though rigorous, is quite popular because it traverses a great cross section of Bhutan and our guests have the opportunity to explore and appreciate the harmony that exists between Man and Nature as exhibited by the inhabitants of Laya and Lingshi at about 4000m.  Only a few visitors a […]

Merak sakten Trekking itinerary

Day 01 – Guwahati – Samdrup Jonkhar After an early breakfast, we will drive (about 8 hours) toward Bhutan. We’ll enjoy lunch along the way and then make our way to the border where we will clear customs in the small town of Samdrup Jongkhar, Bhutan. Dinner and overnight at hotel in Bhutan. Day 02 […]

The Snowmen Trek

The Snowmen Trek For our guests who love trekking, this could be called the “Ultimate Trek” that could qualify as one of the greatest trekking packages in the “Tour and Travel” world. It is 3 full weeks of highly challenging hiking, crossing some of the mightiest passes in these great Himalayan mountains – in their […]

Wild East Rodung La Trek

Wild East Rodung La Trek This journey across the top of eastern Bhutan follows what used to be an important trade route before the establishment of the national highway. Although the trek does not lead into really high altitude, it is tough, as it involves going across over the undefeatable Rodung La pass and a […]