Tour Reservation

Tour and Travel Reservation

The Bhutan Travel Designers requests our guests to confirm your bookings well in advance, 3 months during spring and autumn and 2 months during other times, to circumvent the usual logistic constraints arising from not so well developed tourism industry and equally more number of tourists wanting to visit during peak season.

We can offer you touring and traveling packages at the best possible options of itinerary and costs (for more information , please visit Tariffs and Charges). We also offer you customized personal tour packages as you may wish.

The CEO of Bhutan Travel Designers will pay her personal attention to provide you with all the necessary information, after you have indicated your interest to sign up with us, so that you will be able to make an informed decision to signing up with us. You will be directly in contact with her as soon as she gets your communiqué of interest.

We shall look forward to know you better to serve you better.

Contact Address

Bhutan Travel Designers
Chang Gidaphu, Post Box 1645
Thimphu, Bhutan

Tel # +975-2-324727 / +975-2-326206
Cell # +975-17111335 / +975-17636421