Packing list

1. Backpack, 4500 cu in. (a smaller pack should suffice)

2. Compression stuff-sack (to fit more things into my guide’s pack)

3. Radial compression sack (for down jacket and pile pants, etc)

4. Straps and/or rope to attach things to backpacks

5. Down sleeping bag, 5 degree F

6. Walking stick, collapsible (optional)

7. Cameras

8. Photo kit (filters, lens cleaner, batteries, mini-tripod, etc)

9. Medical kit (consult a doctor and trekking guide book)

10. First aid kit (typical backpacking kit for minor injuries)

11. Toiletries kit (soap, shampoo, razor, toothbrush, etc)

12. Repair kit (tape, glue, safety pins, sewing kit, batteries, etc)

13. Water bottle (quart or liter)

14. Iodine (Polar-Pure) for water

15. Boots (light-weight Gore-Tex)

16. Tennis shoes

17. Wool socks (2 or 3 pairs)

18. Polypropalene socks (2 pairs)

19. T-Shirts

20. Supplex nylon pants/shorts (convertible: these are wonderful)

21. Nylon wind/rain suit (jacket and pants, breathable)

22. Polyester pile jacket and pants

23. Down Jacket

24. Wool/polypropylene long underwear (shirt and pants)

25. Underpants

26. Wool gloves

27. Wool hat

28. Belt

29. Wrist watch

31. Money pockets (lots of pockets are used

32. Matches and lighter (kept in checked luggage on plane)

33. Swiss Army knife (kept in checked luggage on plane)

35. wet ones pepper towel

36. Capilene shirt

37. Pack towel

38. Gator Aid (for rehydration)

39. Flashlight (mini-maglight) with headband and batteries

40. Spare glasses

41. Luggage locks

42. Extra zip-lock bags

43. Items brought only on first trek, but not second:

44. Water filter (boiled water can be bought)

45. Sleeping bag liner (not that useful)

46. Waterproof gloves (lost on first trek)

47. Sunscreen (may have been useful)